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Fast, secure and robust content storage and delivery.

We provide professional, reliable and feature rich managed web hosting services to Australian and international customers.

Our 99.9% uptime guarantee gives you peace of mind by ensuring your online services are available whenever and wherever they are required.

While our cPanel Plans 1 and 2 are suitable for any industry and business size, we are also expert in providing custom cloud based solutions including for video and other high bandwidth content distribution.

Please contact us for a speedy personalised set up of your new hosting service or for more information about our specialised cloud hosting.

Effective 4 September 2013
Plan 1
Plan 2
Price per year  AUD $250.00 AUD $550.00
Storage & bandwidth
Disk space 500MB 20GB
Monthly data allowance 10GB 20GB
Web hosting
Apache tick tick
Easy apps tick tick
WordPress Optimised tick tick
Inbuilt SEO and marketing tools tick tick
Scripting technologies
PHP5 tick tick
PERL / CGI tick tick
Python tick tick
Email features
Emailbox storage Included in 500MB Included in 20GB
Email accounts 20 Unlimited
Auto responder tick tick
Anti-spam / Anti-virus tick tick
Webmail tick tick
Number of databases 5 10
Database storage Included in 500MB Included in 20GB
Parked domains Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-domains 5 20
Dedicated IP address tick tick
DNS zone management tick tick
Raw HTTP logs tick tick

If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Domain names are the virtual addresses for all types of organisations on the Internet. They are integral to establishing an effective web presence.

Our domain management service supports organisations in both the initial and ongoing phases of their online communication strategy.

We offer:

  • Advice on the suitability and availabilty of particular domain names and extensions based on your audiences;
  • technical setup including name server delegation; and
  • peace of mind by ensuring domain registrations always remain up to date.

We are an authorised auDA reseller.

Please contact us to get started.

International Domains
In Australia a .COM.AU domain name can serve as a good URL for your business but it is also important to consider registering appropriate international domain names. Depending on your audience and communications strategy, you may find it beneficial to register your International, as well as your Australian domain names.Top Level Domain (TLD) names are not restricted or regulated by .au Policy Rules. They are therefore policy free and anyone can register any domain name.If you own a company name, or a trademark, you should register now to protect your brand.
International domain name registration and renewal  AUD $60.50 per year 

Please read ICANN’s Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities for additional information.


Australian Domains
Registrations of Australian domains are subject to auDA policy checks which requires the checking of all .au domain registrations. Australian domain orders are checked for compliance with auDA policy.

  • .com.au (For commercial entities, such as Australian companies and State registered businesses.)
  • .net.au (For commercial entities, such as Australian companies and State registered businesses.)
  • .org.au (For charities and non-profit organisations)
  • .asn.au (For incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs)
  • .id.au (For individuals who are Australian citizens or residents)
.com.au registration and renewal AUD $93.95 for two years 
.net.au registration and renewal AUD $93.95 for two years 
.org.au registration and renewal AUD $57.75 for two years 
.asn.au registration and renewal AUD $82.50 for two years 
.id.au registration and renewal AUD $73.95 for two years 

Our service levels are based on a number of assumptions, including:

  • that you provide all the required information to meet auDA policy requirements;
  • that we are able to independently verify the information you provide, which may require use of third party databases;
  • that we have received full payment for your domain registration;
  • that the registry systems are operating normally and we are thus technically able to effect the registration of your domain(s).
  • Sumer Digital is not responsible or to be held liable for any changes in the ICANN and/or auDA policy.