What we do?

    • Strategy

      We develop targeted strategies to engage and grow your online audience.

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    • Design

      Culture & Context

      Attract and hold the closer interest of your audience.

      • Evolution

        How we see things has been determined by a long evolutionary journey that began around 530 million years ago.

        How we perceive what we see, on the other hand, is a much more recent story which begins at birth and continues throughout our lives. It is as much about culture and psychology as it is about biology.

        As humans, we learn to convert reflected light into a visual understanding of the world around us via an intricate and dynamic combination of language, memory and cultural symbolism.

        This is visual culture. It is not just part of our everyday life, it is our everyday life 1.

        At Sumer Digital we work to translate the abstract ideas of visual culture into designs that are grounded in the reality of your goals.

        1. Nicholas Mirzoeff


      • Attention

        We craft visual solutions that meet your goals as well as satisfying the needs of your audience.

        Our design process begins with an analysis of your particular world. We collaborate with you to understand what is required of the project, both in terms of affect and effect.

        In looking at ourselves and how we process information, we become aware that to attract and hold the attention of our audiences a considered balance of aesthetics and functionality is required.

        To achieve this balance, we variously combine text, colour, line, shape, imagery, motion and video to provide you with effective tailored visual outcomes.

        Contact us to find out how our evidence based approach to design can help your organisation.


      • Fast forward

        Some 6,000 years ago humanity took its first step towards the civilisation that we live in today.

        In a place called Sumer the building blocks of much of what we know today were established with the development of the world’s first written language, Cuneiform.

        Since then the idea of language as visual communication has steadily progressed with a number of major milestones including the invention of the printing press, photography and the internet.

        Now, at the beginning of the 21st Century in an era that is already saturated with image, we are seeing the development of whole new areas of visual communication including wearable computing, 3D printing and immersive technologies.

        We look forward to working with these technologies to ensure your product or service remains firmly in the eye of your audience.



      Saul Bass

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    • Build

      We leverage new and mature technologies to code robust web and mobile applications.

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