People & Stories

We develop organised, targeted strategies to build and nurture online relationships.

In a world of fragmenting media, unregulated information exchange and powerful special interest groups, there is an increasing need for organisations, both large and small, to strategically manage their online relationships.

Fanned by social media, reputations can be quickly lost as a consequence of crisis or poorly planned promotional activities.

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What is strategy

Strategy is concerned with the process of managing the interaction between an organisation and its external environment. In other words, it is about telling the story of an organisation and its people in ways that enhance the organisation’s relationship with its stakeholders and publics.

Stories can be told across multiple channels but it is in the online space where organisations have the greatest potential to build positive relationships with their stakeholders and publics. The flip side to this, of course, is that it is also the place of greatest risk to an organisation’s reputation.

How we can help

The important thing to remember in the crafting of stories and campaigns for the web, is that ultimately the control of the texts created rests with the online community who consume them, not with those who produce them.

The key to our work is careful analysis and research into your organisation and, when needed, into competitor organisations and campaigns. Through this we seek to gain a deeper insight into who you and your audience are so that we can produce transparent and meaningful texts that give value to your audience while acting to meet your strategic objectives.

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