Code & Devices

Creative development for better user experiences.

  • Back-End Development

    We love figuring out how things work and applying what we have learnt to create unique solutions for our clients.

    API’s, coding, platforms and servers:

    • Application programming interface’s (API’s) allow programmatic access to a wide range of web and mobile services. The API’s we work with include Trove, AWS, Zencoder, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Getty Images, Flickr and Google.
    • Coding languages for the web and mobile applications are many and varied. We mainly work in the Linux space and code with CSS, HTML, PHP and various AJAX frameworks.
    • Platforms are expandable open source software packages with inbuilt functionality including advanced content management capabilities. We mainly work with WordPress but, amongst others, also have experience in Omeka, Drupal, Joomla and Magento.


  • CMS Development

    Websites that use a content management system (or CMS) can be edited and updated without the need for specialist coding skills.

    Content Management Systems let you:

    • Edit website content without technical knowledge
    • Upload, re-size and crop images through your browser
    • Insert YouTube video or Google Maps into the text
    • Create and publish on-line forms without programming
    • Optimise your website for search engines using built-in SEO features
    • Track visitors, campaigns and conversions


  • Front-End Development

    Web development is the process of taking a website design and coding it to display and function properly in a browser.

    For us, front-end development is:

    • Smart responsive web sites that look good and function well across all devices
    • Clean aesthetics combined with the functionality of new technologies
    • Collaborative so that we can clearly understand our client’s needs.
    • On time and on budget outcomes that exceed expectations